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Privacy Policy

  • Supermed (hereinafter, referred to as “Supermed” or “Our” or “We” or “Company” or “Us” ) is the domain name that provides digital healthcare with owned mobile application, operated by Supermed Private Limited, an establishment in Pakistan under strictly obliged Companies Ordinance 1984. The mobile application and domain name are moderately stated as the “Website”.
  • The platform that Website will facilitate displays pharmaceutical products that are offered by various pharmacies. The products will be available to authentic buyers who agreed to pay the ordered amount to the delivery person. Users will often be offered various discount coupons and vouchers from the Services, which can be redeemed from various goods and services.
  • The Website will gather and multitude certain data and information of Users in it's data software. Supermed is committed to the protection of every product that is being served to their Users and takes all reasonable precautions to maintain the confidentiality of Users personal information.
  • This Privacy Policy is being developed and designed to understand following:
    • The type of personal info that Supermed accumulates from the Users;
    • The resolution of assortment, modes and means of usage of such personal info by Supermed;
    • How they will disclose the information;
    • How Supermed will look after the personal info, which includes sensitive personal data, collected from the Users;

Why Personal Info Of User Is Needed?

  • The personal information of User is needed to configure the authenticity of that User. That individual user will not be directly, indirectly or by any other means be contacted by third party. With the help of personal information Supermed can identify the individuals concerned.
  • The personal information collected may include bank account details, card details, which include debit and credit, payment methods, medical records, history, biometric info, physiological, physical and mental health condition. Information related to User is presented only with us and will not be present on any public domain. User’s privacy will be furnished by the law and their personal information will remain secured.

Main Purpose Of Gathering Information And Usage By Supermed:

  • To execute the registration on Website by User.
  • To fulfill orders and provide Services offered by Supermed.
  • To finalize financial transactions and billing procedures of any product or service.
  • To update and improve features and services on Website.
  • To deliver personal information of Users properly.
  • To protect the customization and technical administration of Website.
  • To conduct several surveys on the research and development.
  • To use User’s information for research surveys, statistical analysis and for business intelligence commitments.
  • To resolve queries of customer and take care of customer care activities.

Kinds Of Personal Data Collected By Supermed:

When User will visit Website, our Website will automatically collect technical statistics, which include operating system, IP address of User, time zone, browser plug-in and browser details for communicating the protocol settings of the internet.

Throughout the stay of User on our website will also collect other information like pages that User viewed, sources and how much time User spent on one specific page. All of this information will help us analyze the interest of User and understand their needs so we can improvise accordingly.

Preservation of Information:

The collection of all personal data provided under the Privacy Policy will be accessible to the entire electronic device of User and also in electronic form on Supermed devices. It might be converted into the physical form for implementing necessary operations. All information of User will be kept confidential and will only be used to disclose the specified circumstances mentioned under the Privacy Policy Conditions.

All the personal data of any User is retained and submitted to the appropriate authorities or to the sellers who request to access such information. The personal information in collected to identify the personalized the identifiable information in order to accomplish our services to you. This might include enhancing of the User’s shopping experience, website functionality, better website content and verifying identity of User.

Modifications to the Privacy Policy:

Supermed can modify the above given Privacy Policy at any time by updating this page, with or without any prior notice. We encourage that the User checks this page every now and then so they are aware of any changes.