Search the product you would like to order and add it to the cart. Once you have added all the products to the cart, select a payment method to check out. A confirmation email will be sent shortly after.

You can add or remove products through the cart and find out the total cost of your order. To view your cart, click the shopping bag icon on the top right of your screen.

Sign up to our website with an email or a social media account then use our login page to login.

Login to Supermed and click ‘My Orders’ to view the complete history of every order placed on our website.

Signing up is not a requirement to shop on our website. But if you intend to place multiple orders on Supermed, signing up will save you time by automatically filling in your details.

Yes, we do have a physical location. Use the map to look up our address.

Once you place the order, we will send you a confirmation email and keep you posted on the status of your order such as dispatch time and expected time of arrival.

If you would like to amend your order, call our helpline but be aware that you can amend your order only once.

Yes, you can cancel your order until the dispatch time. Once your order has been shipped, it cannot be canceled.

No, we do not refund any difference in case the price of a product your purchased changes.

In case the order you receive does not contain all of the items you purchased, contact us on our helpline and we will try to accommodate you right away.

We offer a number of payment methods such as cash on delivery, debit/credit card payment, and bank transfer.

No, we do not accept payment through installments.

No, our product prices are fixed and non-negotiable.

Yes, there is a 20% discount if you pay through xyz card and 10% when you pay with an ABC card. The discounts can be availed one at a time.

No, you cannot apply your first order discount toward a product already on discount.

As soon as you click the checkout button after submitting your order, we contact your bank for authorization to charge your card immediately.

Payment details transmitted to Supermed are encrypted with the highest systems available to protect your payment information.

In case your payment fails, try paying again as it might due to a technical issue. If your payment is unsuccessful even after the second attempt, contact our support team.

Our team of professionals is available to provide you with any information you need about our products. Furthermore, we have product details available on our website for your guidance.

If the product you need is out of stock at Super Med, you can choose to be notified when the product is in stock again.

Answer is unavailable on the website.

As of now, we can deliver all over Karachi. In the future, we aim to expand our services all across Pakistan.

Delivery charges for orders under Rs. 5000 are billed at Rs. 100 per delivery. We offer free delivery for all orders over Rs. 5000.

We offer same-day delivery for medicines. Products other than medicines can take 24hours.
Before the order is dispatched, we contact customers to work out a time of their choosing to deliver their order. In case the package is sent back to us, you can reschedule the delivery.
Yes, you can enter an address other than your home to receive your parcel.

If you are not satisfied with the order you received, you can contact our customer services for dispute resolution. If your dissatisfaction still persists, we will refund you the order amount. In case the product is damaged or its’ seal is broken, we will send you a voucher that you can use to make a future purchase on our website.

No, you can return your order free of charge. We will ask you to share your receipt to refund the amount.

You have one week to return an item from the date of delivery.

No, we do not allow product exchanges. If you are not satisfied with a product, you have the option to return your order and receive a refund.

It takes between 2 to 3 days to return and refund an order.

To recover your login password, click ‘forgot password’ and follow the instructions you receive. We will send you a notification email to alert you of any changes made to your login details.

If you are facing issues with your payment, make sure the payment details you enter are correct. If problems persist, contact your bank to ensure your account is active. Call us if you require further assistance.

You can look up our address in the contact section.

To get in touch with us, use our contact us form or contact us via email.